Our Story
I opened this business in 2009, before having children of my own. At that time, I hoped babies would be in my future, and I felt passionately that families needed (and deserved) a place to find high-quality, eco-friendly baby products. Special things to help celebrate family life, as well as make it all a little easier.
Now, 8 years later, I have three beautiful children of my own, and a supportive following of loyal customers both locally and across Canada. I have watched your families expand and evolve. And I have celebrated the highs and lows of these journeys with you.
Thank you for continuing to support this independent business. I am heartened to know that so many of you value the authentic experience of a personal interaction, the quality that comes with paying attention to detail, and the assurance of knowing I have chosen only the best and safest products for you and your families.
I will continue to listen to you, so that Sweetpea continues to be a store that works for all of us. 
With love and thanks,
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