Matter Co. - Substance Nipple Cream

Uses: Chapped and sore nipples Chapped lips & noses Dry cheeks Cuts, scrapes and minor skin irritations
Ingredients: Calendula flowers (anti-inflammatory, healing, anti-bacterial), marshmallow root (anti-inflammatory), plantain leaf (healing, soothing, a

Article number: NIPPLECREAM
Quantity: 7

Nipples can get very sore during the first few weeks of breastfeeding, often leading to chapped, cracked and painful nipples.

Don't be discouraged - Substance has created a special lanolin-free balm to help soothe and heal crippled nipples due to breastfeeding. The healing botanical blend of calendula, marshmallow root, plantain and witch hazel leaf are set in nourishing olive oil and grapeseed oil. This multi-purpose product can also be used on chapped lips, noses and cheeks, and mom will have peace of mind knowing that it is safe for baby if ingested.

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