Matter Co. - Substance Herbal Sitz Bath

Ingredients: calendula officinalis* (pot marigold), symphytum officinale* (comfrey) leaf, lavandula angustifolia* (lavender) flowers, rosmarinus officinalis* (rosemary) leaf, rosa canina* (rose) petals, achillea millefolium* (yarrow) flower
* certified o

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Sooth those tender parts in a herbal sitz bath!

Recommended by midwives and obstetricians, sitz baths use the principles of hydrotherapy to promote healing and to provide comfort to mom after she has given birth. Our botanical blend of calendula flowers, comfrey leaves, lavender, yarrow and rose flowers is powerfully therapeutic. A strong infusion is made by allowing the herbs to steep in hot water for about fifteen minutes or until bath water becomes cool. Poured into a basin, all mom has to do is sitz in it! Sitz baths are recommended immediately following delivery to soothe perineal tears and soreness. The warmth of the water promotes circulation in the pelvic area, thereby speeding up the healing process. Sitz baths are also beneficial in eliminating hemorrhoids and for soothing symptoms associated with bladder or yeast infections. Sitz baths can be taken as a weekly tonic treatment or used more frequently as part of a more rigorous health program.

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