Mally Bibs - Mally Mocs, Deep Sea

100% genuine baby safe leather moccasins in beautiful deep sea blue leather are proudly made in Canada.

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Using super soft and comfortable leather, Mally Designs carefully created a moccasin that includes details such as tiny little holes at the top of the moccasin fringe. As well, they incorporated a handy tab at the top of the heel which makes putting these mocs on your baby's squirmy feet so much easier. 

They designed these baby mocs to stay securely on a baby's foot, while keeping the elastic hidden, giving it a nice clean look.

Another feature is the non-slip sole on Mally Mocs.  It is a beautiful charcoal grey color, designed to mask dirt.

We believe it's all these little details that make our baby shoes so special, along with the fact that they are 100% MADE IN CANADA.

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