Magic Lamp - Magic Lamp, Ballerinas

Magic Lamps create a little bedtime magic for your favourite little person!

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Quantity: 1

The delightful spinning movement of this magic lamp is caused by the heat of the light bulb, which creates a hot air current that rises upward. The hot air then goes through the vent of the cylinder, making it spin. As the cylinder spins, the image on the cylinder projects on to the rice paper screen, and the glowing light reflects on the ceiling and nearby walls, creating an almost magical effect! Because there are no mechanical parts, the lamp spins silently, making it a perfect sleep-time companion for your imaginative child. Each lamp is made by hand in Canada with CSA and UL certified hardware. If a slower movement is desired, simply use a lower wattage bulb.

Brand: Magic Lamp

Made in: Canada

Fiber Content: Rice paper, balsa wood

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